Dancing Zouk at a party in Rio 1


If you’re on this page it’s because you’re curious to know more about me.

On paper I’m eclectic: I have a Master’s degree in Neuroscience, I worked as a science journalist writing for popular magazines such as Scientific American, and I’m a certified Brazilian Zouk instructor. [For the story of how I went from Neuroscientist to Writer and Dancer click here.]

I’m a person who is Intensely curious and always up for a new challenge, for learning something new.

When I’m really passionate about something I do it with my whole being—mind, body, and soul. When I became obsessed with rock-climbing I saw a picture of Potrero Chico (a multi-pitch mecca visited by climbers from all over the world) and decided to go. I had only done single-pitch climbs at that point and this was a place where routes averaged 7 pitches (about 175 meters or 525 feet). After five months of training and saving money, I spent an amazing 10 days climbing routes I would have never imagined myself capable of doing.

The desire to master something is not about showing off. It is about creativity. When all the basic parts of what you are doing start coming naturally to you—when what used to be challenging becomes automatic—you can start focusing on the bigger picture. You can start flowing. You can become truly creative.

It was only after learning proper technique, building my body up, and learning how to use all my equipment that I was able to do the famous 1,100 foot Estrellita climb. Just like it was only after studying dance for many years that I can put on music—any music—and improvise movements based on what the music makes me feel.

I was not always so adventurous. Like many people I used to live with a lot of anxiety. But cut me off from really expressing myself, from exploring, from connecting with those around me. It took a long time, but I was able to overcome that anxiety and embrace all the chaos of the world, which I realized is what makes it so beautiful.

With each new adventure, I expand outwards, learning more about the world and other people, but I also dive inwards and discover so much about myself.

I want to share my experiences to connect with others. I believe that learning from each other and our experiences makes us more self aware, more grateful, and many times more hopeful. I hope you enjoy what I share with you.

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